The spectrum of activities taking place at the Neurosurgical department of the Central Military Hospital, 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and the Sub-department of neurosurgery of the Institute of Postgradual Medical Education (IPVZ) in Prague includes preventive care, lectures (for pregradual and postgradual students) and research. Preventive care consists of surgical treatment of a variety of diseases and injuries of central and peripheral nervous system, clinical service and constant availability of our staff for consultation.


The technical equipment of our department is fully comparable with similar departments abroad. Our equipment includes sophisticated medical instruments and devices used during surgeries such as surgical microscopes, navigational systems, ultrasound aspirators and complete equipment for endoscopic surgeries. We also routinely perform per-operative monitoring of neural functions by means of electrophysiological methods. Post-operative care is provided in a central intensive care unit and also in a separate intensive care unit which is situated in our department.