Appointments are scheduled based on a phycisian’s decision, a referral from general practitioner, neurologist or another department requiring a consult or a neurosurgical examination. Patients must bring their medical records (X-ray, CT, or MRI images or images on CD). Non-scheduled appointments are possible only in acute cases.

Monday - Friday 7:30-15:30

Phone: 973 202 954

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Spondylosurgical outpatient clinic

Spondylosurgical clinic specializes in spinal diseases and patients are explained all possible options of surgical treatment. Appointments of patients are scheduled based on a referral from general practitioners, neurologists, rehabilitation doctors, orthopedists or other departments when the diagnostic-therapeutic process requires a consult with a specialist in surgical treatment of spinal diseases. To make a qualified judgment it is necessary that patients bring their complete medical records with treatment history and image documentation (X-ray, CT or MRI images or images on CD). 

Non-scheduled appointments are possible only in acute cases.

Monday - Thursday 7:30-15:30

Phone: 973 208 452

Chronic pain treatment clinic

Pain clinic specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and patients are explained both surgical and non-surgical methods of treatment based on their medical records.Úterý - čtvrtek 8:00-15:00

Phone: 973 203 514

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Electrophysiological laboratory

An appointment in the laboratory may be scheduled only by a specialist such as a neurologist, neurosurgeon or an orthopedist.

Monday – Thursday  7:30-15:30

Phone: 973 202 946

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